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Tooth Colored, Composite Fillings

Fillings are placed when a tooth has developed a cavity. Dr. Ra, in his commitment to practice healthy, biological dentistry that benefits the whole body, uses composite dental fillings. Compared to the current standard of care with amalgam fillings, composite is a beautiful alternative in a number of ways.

  • Composite fillings are made from resin and bond to the structure of the damaged tooth through a chemical process, rather than one that is mechanical. This is different from amalgam fillings, which are a mechanical bond, requiring grooves in natural tooth structure for retention. The advantage of this characteristic in composite is that a greater amount of natural tooth structure is preserved.
  • The bonding process of composite fillings restores up to 95 percent of the original strength of a tooth.
  • This process also creates tighter seams between the filling and the tooth, which is more effective at keeping bacteria out.
  • With varying temperatures, many materials expand and contract, meaning they get larger and smaller. The rate of contraction of composite resin is very similar to natural enamel, which keeps the tooth protected at all times. Amalgam, containing metal, expands and contracts at a different rate than enamel does, which is why many people eventually discover fractures in teeth repaired with this material.
  • Teeth repaired with composite fillings are less likely to experience sensitivity. If this does occur, it is usually only temporary.
  • Composite dental fillings harden within seconds of placement, rather than hours or days, as is common with some other materials.

Dr. Ra works from the standpoint that dental treatment should promote overall health, as well as a beautiful smile. Our use of composite dental fillings is ideal for patients of all ages. This type of filling may also replace old amalgam fillings, a treatment we perform using a strict protocol.

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