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Water Laser Dentistry Upland CA

Waterlase Dentistry on the Drs ShowThe primary factors that make treatments such as cavity repair uncomfortable are pressure, heat, and vibration. These factors are from the dental drill. The WaterLase device allows us to cut soft and hard tissues without any of these sensations. Most of the patients treated for cavities are able to experience treatment without pain and without local anesthetic. When used for gum procedures, WaterLase facilitates optimal healing by decreasing bleeding and swelling, which facilitates a more comfortable recovery. WaterLase simply and easily improves your dental experiences!

Outstanding precision

Enamel is the hardest substance in our bodies. WaterLase accurately removes decayed enamel and can also cut gum and bone tissues with such precision that surrounding tissues remain intact. The accuracy of WaterLase preserves natural tooth structure and promotes long-term oral health by doing so.

Biolase iPlus Laser Upland - Waterlase MachineLess trauma, bleeding, and swelling

When high-speed vibration and heat are applied to tooth structure, there is the risk for tiny fractures. These hairline cracks will require repair at some point. Without heat and vibration, WaterLase is very gentle to oral tissues. WaterLase is a conservative way to cut tissues, and causes less trauma, less bleeding during treatment, and less swelling after treatment.

Maximized time

Because most patients do not require injections of local anesthetic for treatment with WaterLase, it is possible to address problems in multiple areas of the mouth in a single dental visit. Dentists who use WaterLase also have a heightened ability to handle their patients' needs successfully without forcing them to visit specialists for various types of care. With WaterLase, we maximize the time our patients have for professional dental care.


Waterlase DentistryWaterLase technology can be incorporated into a number of different dental procedures. This is due to its versatility in cutting soft and hard tissues. Some of the treatments for which WaterLase is ideal include cavity preparation and the removal of tooth decay, root canal therapy, gum contouring and gum disease treatment, surgical procedures in which the bone is involved, smile design, and much more.

Accomplish more with your WaterLase dentist in Upland. Contact Dr. Ra's Smile Studio and schedule your visit.

WaterLase facilitates our standard of excellence

Patients of Dr. Phil Ra's Upland dental office enjoy the many benefits that come from the attention that is focused on their smile. One of our goals in patient care is to achieve optimal results in the least stressful manner. Dr. Ra and his team understand that there are aspects of dental care that can make some patients uneasy. One such area of care is the sound of the dental drill. Another is the injection of numbing medication and the after-effects of this treatment protocol.

If you would prefer to avoid the "puffy face" feeling and receive care without the screech of the dental drill, you will love what is possible with WaterLase dentistry. In many cases, the use of the WaterLase device enables us to complete treatment completely without the drill or numbing medication.

Dentistry: powered by water

WaterLase dental treatment involves the combination of laser energy with water. This technology has been extensively studied and proven safe and gentle on oral tissues. WaterLaser removes damaged tooth material quickly and in a virtually painless manner by exciting the water molecules naturally present in the tooth. At the same time, the continual spray of water cools and hydrates the tooth to preserve the highest level of comfort.

Comfort AND convenience

Time is one of our most valuable assets. Many people find it exceedingly difficult to keep scheduled dental appointments due to work and school obligations. Incorporating the WaterLase into dental care, Dr. Ra maximizes what time his patients' do have by facilitating the quick, effective, and virtually painless repair of cavities in a single office visit.

Precision and safety

Just like the laser technology used in cosmetic medicine, ophthalmology, and dermatology has been used for years, so has the WaterLase been available in certain dental practices. This technology has received clearance for the treatment of a number of dental conditions and is a welcomed inclusion in the care of both children and adults.

In addition to safety, the dentist seeks optimal precision in the repair process. The dental drill often requires the extensive removal of tooth matter to fully eliminate decay. The vibration and grinding motion of the drill can also cause further cracks as well as discomfort. With the WaterLase, tooth matter is removed in a very precise way, without the risk of further damage in the way of cracks. It is the precision of this instrument that allows most patients to undergo treatment without anesthetic.

Cross-contamination? No, thank you!

Cross-contamination is a risk that exists in many arenas. Anyone who has ever experienced food poisoning has been affected by cross-contamination, through which bacteria are encountered where they are not expected to be. In the standard dental practice, just like any medical setting, there is a risk for cross-contamination.

Dr. Ra is proud to decrease this risk with the use of the WaterLaser instrument. Not only does WaterLaser NOT physically touch the tooth, but each patient is treated with a single-use, disposable tip.

We are concerned not only with your oral health, but also with the experience you have in our Upland dental office. Contact Dr. Ra's Smile Studio today at (909) 320-2727.