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Teeth Whitening

At some point in time, most people will notice it. Perhaps sitting with a friend or colleague, we notice that their teeth are not quite bright and dazzling. When we look into the mirror, it is quite possible we will be faced with the same problem: teeth that are dull, yellow, and not as youthful and healthy looking as they once were.

Tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco are the most recognized causes of tooth discoloration, but many other foods can change the color of teeth over time. Our teeth can become dull if plaque builds up on the surface, as age changes the chemistry of the body, and in response to external factors. What is important is not necessarily trying to find a way to keep teeth their brightest, but finding the safest, most effective solution to discoloration when it occurs.

Why We Recommend At-Home Whitening

The original teeth whitening process was first developed decades ago. Since that time, several advances have been made, promising better and faster results in the whitening process. What we have found at SmileStudio is that at-home teeth whitening, the original form of treatment, remains the most effective and the most comfortable.

Though several in-office treatments have been developed for immediate results, the process of such treatments tends to dehydrate teeth, leading to sensitivity. Home whitening is completed over a two-week period, during which the teeth are exposed to safe bleaching solution for short periods. Delivered in custom-fitted trays designed from impressions of the patient’s teeth, whitening gel remains on teeth, away from delicate gum tissue where irritation can occur. Many people begin to see noticeable improvement in the color of their teeth after just a few days, with dramatic brightening seen at the completion of a few weeks.

As a biological dentist, Dr. Ra has extensive training with substances and technologies that promote health.

Brightening the smile can do wonders for your sense of confidence. Contact us for your consultation today.