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What is Biomimetic Dentistry?Upland, CA

Biomimetic dentistry is a new standard of care that exceeds the current norm in dentistry. Biomimetic literally means to create a lifelike ("bio") copy ("mimetic") of our natural teeth.

Our natural teeth are inherently the strongest and most effective structures. With biomimetic dentistry, our goal is to preserve and restore as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

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How is this different from traditional dentistry?

Biomimetic Dentistry takes advantage of new and improved materials & and adhesive techniques to avoid the removal of unnecessary tooth structure. By sealing the tooth from infection & bonding the tooth strongly to prevent fracture, we are able to stop the traditional cycle of dental work leading to more dental problems. Whenever possible, Dr. Ra will opt to restore a tooth with a strongly bonded inlay or an onlay instead of a crown to save tooth structure.

With our onsite lab, we are able to place inlays, onlays & crowns in a single visit.
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With biomimetic bonding techniques, we are able to achieve a 400% increase in bonding strength. Larger cavities that would have required a crown for strength and stability can now be restored with an inlay or an onlay. Much less of the natural tooth is lost in the process because of this. Additionally, the ceramic materials that are used mimic the natural tooth much better.

The Advantages of Biomimetic Dentistry

The techniques of Biomimetic Dentistry allow us to:

  • Conserve as much tooth structure as possible.
  • Preserve tooth vitality and prevent unnecessary root canals.
  • Restore teeth which would traditionally require extraction.
  • Increase the bond strength of our restorations by 400%.
  • Minimize shrinkage stress on the teeth.
  • Eliminate sensitivity.
  • Create long-lasting restorations and prevent complications experienced with traditional approaches.