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At Smile Studio Dentistry, we are committed to protecting the overall health of our patients. At our practice, we offer radiation free cavity detection. The CariVu and DIAGNOdent systems detects early-developing cavities and cracks more precisely, for early treatment. Finding and filling cavities is an important part of how we care for our patients; finding problem areas earlier means the fillings are smaller and simpler. Our radiation free cavity detection processes give us the ability to monitor any areas of concern on an ongoing basis, without x-rays.

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Unfortunately we are not a Denti-Cal and Medi-Cal Provider


DEXIS CariVu™ is a high-tech cavity detection device that employs a patented light process. The light bathes the tooth, making enamel appear transparent. Problem areas are revealed as light is absorbed, appearing darker, much like an x-ray.

The CariVu system allows Dr. Ra to see “through” the tooth and quickly and accurately identify cavities and cracks in teeth while in the earliest stages. Smaller fillings preserve more of the tooth structure, and take less time in to treat, and less time in the dentist’s chair. CariVu is a safe, effective, radiation-free cavity detection method has proven to be effective in identifying areas of decay much earlier than the traditional, and less accurate methods of the past.

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DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection

The DIAGNOdent™ system is an advanced radiation-free diagnostic tool that can identify small cavities in their earliest stages. The device uses an low intensity illuminating laser. With the use of this high-tech cavity detection system, treatment can be concentrated on the targeted area, preserving more of the natural tooth structure. We want our patients to be comfortable and to spend as little time as possible in the chair. The DIAGNOdent system can help you avoid invasive dental treatments later, and is capable of locating any problem areas before they develop.

Holistic Dental Care at Smile Studio

Smile Studio Dentistry uses two different radiation-free cavity detection systems to better care for our patients. We are committed to using minimally invasive dental treatment plans, rather than radical treatments that can lead to further dental problems. Our radiation-free cavity detection systems are exceptionally effective in our effort to help patients to preserve the vitality and health of teeth, mouth, and gums.

At Smile Studio Dentistry, our approach is different. We use the latest advances in dental technology, far beyond the current norm. We take advantage of the latest materials and improvements in the dental arts, including effective, radiation free diagnostic procedures.