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Safe Mecury Filling RemovalUpland, CA

We understand that toxic materials affect our overall wellness. An important health concern is the mercury contained in amalgam (silver) fillings.

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Unfortunately we are not a Denti-Cal and Medi-Cal Provider

Dr. Ra has special equipment and uses the IAOMT protocol to remove amalgam fillings in a mercury-safe way. We then use biocompatible materials to restore teeth to proper function. The steps used at SmileStudio for the safe removal of amalgam include:

  1. We use a latex rubber dam isolating the filling from the back of your mouth.
  2. We follow specific techniques removing the mercury filling, minimizing mercury vapor production
  3. We use sophisticated suction techniques in the mouth to capture mercury vapor.
  4. We use a high-volume HEPA filter placed at the chin to capture anything escaping the intra oral suction.
  5. We use a whole body gown disposed of immediately after mercury removal so you don’t leave the office with contaminated clothes.
  6. We add a soothing remineralizing solution to the internal area of the tooth to replace minerals lost due to decay and bacteria.
  7. As needed, we insulate the nerve with a biocompatible build up material.
  8. All amalgam particles are captured to protect the environment from mercury pollution
  9. Patients are encouraged to visit a physician for heavy metal detoxification.

We want to give our patients the greatest chance at becoming their healthiest, happiest selves, and we understand that positive oral health has an enormous impact on physical wellbeing. If you're ready to experience the best that dentistry has to offer, visit our office to learn more about biological dentistry.

Isolite® intra oral vacuum

Part of our mercury-safe protocol involves the use of an Isolite® intra oral vacuum, which serves to whisk away toxic mercury vapors from the patient and staff as amalgam fillings are removed. This apparatus is connected to a powerful vacuum.